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The divorce of the beauty

The divorce of the beauty the proof of something the obstacle of the life the sigh of others the life of hers the future of hers the fall of hers

add pic test2

This time I try to add pic from picasa, yet it is not convenient, either. I can only put one pic one time. Google is really very stupid


It has been a long time for me to feel frastrated even since i hand in my thesis, i am kind to relax to everything. until recently i start to write my study plan for my ph.d program guess what huge trouble huge huge trouble not only did i find it difficulty to focus on correct structe of my paper, but also i am unable to use correct grammer in other words, my writing is becoming from bad to worse. AGAIN comm'om~~~~~~~~ after talking to Prof. Lin, I really feel scared about the coming Ph.d entrance test am i able to pass the exaM? am i qualified? am i good enough? I hope i am I wish i am I expect i am