the bridal smile

Yes, i am married on 16 May. 


the proposal


do you need a romantic proposal?
what is romantic?

to me, i'd rather to have a private one instead of
a public one.

of course, if it happens that way, I would still
be happy and even flattered

however, this moment should be private and intimate.

that's it,
after deciding to marry for a loooooooooong time,
after feeling i might not need a proposal,
it just happens!

unexpectedly, unforgetably,
fox designs a love adventure while
i just return from Tainan exhaustedly

this certainly adds the exciting feeling to all these.

starting with puzzle games and hide-and-seek,
it took me a lot of time to figure out the last message
--to open the front door.

i thought it would be my gift that Fox bought back from Disney

it turned out to be FOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooox
with a bunch of white roses!

and the ring
the ring
the ring

and the sentence

shall we marry?

that's it
the process probably interests me only.

as for the mysterious ring, he bought it secretly after i went back to tainan.

to stop me from buying the ring this weekend, he got it just this wed after he returned from China
very tiredly.

my answer would be

YES! and yes and yes and yes!
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i do not like this film
i am serious and quite fair, for
i've seen 變形金剛1.2 蝙蝠俠1.2.3.4
阿凡達...etc IN the TEATHER
considering my splendid experience,
i deserve the right to judge this film
it is not goooooooooooooood
the story could hardly be new to me,
for i should have known it as a foreign literature major.
or i should say,
the seeming illogical plot is fine to me
still, the film is awful and weird
first of all, where is the 3D effect used?
am i too stupid to observe that?
second, the heroines are not pretty, AGAIN
i mean the Helen in Troy is not amzing pretty as well.
American must have problem to tell the beauty of european women or
any women other than American
(well, sometimes, I do doubt if they call tell American as well)
thirdly, why do they borrow the costume from 300壯士?!
finally, it is my own problem
how come medusa is so popular these days,
i've seen her in more than one preview!

in a word , it is not gooooooooood
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as i mentioned in the article about NY, I Love You,
personal awareness of a specific city is kind of the criterion to
evaluate if the film is successful
to me, Paris, I Love You is undoubtedly the winner of the two
the reasom is simple
i have the luck to be in Paris when I was young
(this idiom comes from somewhere.... but i can't remember it right now) 
Is Paris a city of Love?
Is Paris a city of Lovers?
Yes and Yes
i would certainly agree to these two questions
Paris is a city of love
Paris is a city of lovers

as for the movie,
probably, it is composed of mostly European directors,
the aura is more sophisticated, intellectual-like,
more delicated,
everything in Paris is beautiful.

also, this one is less Benetton style
in NY,I love you, we see how these Americans
strive to include the story of all people"s"
(they even asked 那塔莉波曼 to act like that)

My favorite story is the one with the father
who is voluntary to take care of his grandchild in ordr his daughter
could still enjoy her life.

the love between them is really so touching
on the other hand,
the worst one is certainly 杜可風's
my comment is
just try to be a photographer for gooooooooood
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There is definitely something wrong of my blogger
it keeps keeping me away from upload new articles
probably it , finally, finds out that it should preserve its source
for more meaningful staffs.
i did see the movie in the wrong order,
i mean,
i should have seen Paris J'taime before New York, I Love You.
Still whatever,
do i like the movie?
well it is not a new attempt to shoot a film
this way-to combine several shorter sections--to
demonstrate the atmosphere of a city

city and love
the two essential elements thing in the film
are they shown well?
I doubt,
the image of new york as an unbran city is never something new
the image of NY as a city full of love, well
it looks like love could have happened anywhere.

the search of the uniqueness of NY city
has been replaced by
the uniqueness of those amazing directors.

in other words, you would be awed by the interesting stories,
the acting of the wonderful actors and actress,
or the splendid shooting skill

as for these and NY city,
i am really not so sure about their connection.

but i do confess
this sense is very probably caused by my unfamilierity of NY city.

still, there is one story that I love in the film,
the one with a young man cheating by an shopkeeper and
his actress daughter.
the way the youth making love under (or on?) the tree in the park
 is realyl hilarious and unforgettable

it is very clever and funny.
as for the rest,
i hate the ethnic issue and the benetton style
which, unfortuntely American are crazy about

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她的私密日記 private lives of pippa lee


出 品 國:USA  出  品:Elevation Filmworks  發 行 商:CatchPlay  
音  效: 導演: 編劇: 演員: 蕾貝卡米勒

蕾貝卡米勒 羅賓萊特潘 米克拜德 薇諾娜瑞德 基努李維

 actually it is kind of hard to decide whether i like this film or not,
as a not so much feminism advocator,
it seems i should like it
however, as a neo conversative who wichedly alters one's position
in terms of different events and happenings,
i am reluctant to say i totally agree what happened in the film.

the psychological of the mother leads to the suppressive life of the daughter,
affecting her whole life, and turning her into someone she does not like

it is definitely a cliche in feminist thinking.
the awakening of the woman always comes to late
and from time to time, leading to the corruption of the original lifestyle.

i do think there are ways to compomise between what she wants to be
and what she should be

the total breakup is hardly a modern strategy for modern women,
who know how to adjust themselves in this still slightly over patriarchal society

being able to survive in job is not equal to suppressive personality
and the anxiety to be perfect.

can't there exist someone who is born to be perfect?

perfect might not be hard and tiring for some women.

i am not that kind of women but i do believe they exist somewhere out there

so, if you are a big fan of feminism, you might pretty enjoy the film
if you are not, probably you would be inspire by it

型男飛行日誌 Up in the Air

 影片資料 影片年份:2009

出 品 國:USA

出  品:Hard C

發 行 商:UIP

導演: 編劇: 演員: 傑森瑞特曼 華特肯恩 喬治克龍尼

薇拉伐咪卡 安娜坎卓克

though George Clooney did not get the Oscar award,
i still want to express how much i enjoy the film
actually i think it might be one of the best filmes
i see these days.
(besides 天外奇蹟 which does get some precious prize this year)

 the film is about a person who works for fire others all his life
which does not turn out his own firing by the supervisor
(if the film goes this way, i would not love it this way)

however, he does encounter trememdous transformation
in his career--
the coming of a young potato with her
whole new technique for firing!

this young lady invents a system which enables
those chicken boss to fire the employees
by internet!
in other words, they used to be fired by someone other than their boss
not they would be fired by the computer without
knowing the exact person.

that 's cruel, isn't it?

anyway, Clooney is asked to tutor the new worker by means of
showing her how he does his job over years.

what i like about the film is the fact that
in the end, nothing changes!

i hate the film which forces the protagonist to change
after encountering a series of events.
can't they believe that someone might never change!

all in all, i highly recommend the film
for those who works in the office or not

重案對決Law Abiding Citizen

 there must be something wrong about my blogger
probably i've uploaded too many unmeaningful articles
 and unfail film reviews.

anyway it kind of forbids me to upload pics
and i decide to give up that function.


影片年份:2009  出 品 國:USA

出  品:The Film Department

導演: 編劇: 演員: 蓋瑞葛雷

寇特威默 傑瑞德巴特勒 蕾絲莉畢柏  傑米福克斯

 this film is led by Gerard Butler who owns probably the
most perfect body in hollywood these days.

  (lucky for jennifer annestern!)
the story is cliche:
innocent people murdered and killed without reason.

and it turns out to be the modern 基督山恩仇記
though the protagonist isn't sentenced to prision

so  if you are a big fan of muscle,
you might want to take a look of the film.

or, the logic is really weird and unbearable



京極夏彥--塗佛之宴: 備宴

there are some things i can not sustain in my life.
among them, reading an unfinished novel would certainly takes the lead of the list.

yes, i hate to read an unfinished story, see a movie with the end, read a comic with the last volume.
i need the end to tell me that i have finished something and i can pursue another mission, book, movie.

sadly, as i thought i could finish reading this novel one night, it ended up only half of the story and
i have to wait for a loooooooooooooooooooong time for the other half, which would be releashed i do not know when.

after complaining about the unfinished story, there is still other things to be angry at.

this last work of 京極夏彥 shows how a diligent teacher the author becoems day after day.
he is unable to stop preaching his philosophy of subjectivity, reality, naming, history,...
he just could not give the readers a break and give them an "easy" story to enjoy.

it seems like the author is exactly the representative of the protagonist of the story (every story...)
talktive, murmuring, monologue-lover...

after reading all my anti-recommendation about him, you could still give it a try and i would praise you for doing so.

the story is fun and complicated indeed.
but the lecture is also annoying



probably it is not a good idea to see the movie version
before the TV version
the film definitely includes all the elements I like about a movie
young guys, sports, teamwork, tears, emotional scenes
i just could not help to see more and more similar movies
the story is about a group of bad senior high school students
wanting to play baseball, for
it might the only reason they have in their lives

凌瀨遙plays as one of the student's sister
and she is very suitable for this kinds of characters.
as for the protagonist, the rookie teacher
i have no doubt that he could become super
popular after the film.

even though, the plot is a little bit too
the strong emotion is by no means less touching

everytime i saw this kind of movies
it would remind me of those wonderful times
(i know it sound so artificial but it's true)

and i immediately find the access to
its TV version
both of them are wonderful

NO wonder the film versino could create
the new record of Japanese movie record.
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500 Days of Smmer 戀夏五百日

影片資料 影片年份:2009   出 品 國:USA   出  品:Watermark

發 行 商:福斯

Dolby Digital 導演: 編劇: 演員: 馬克偉柏  史考特諾伊史達特

喬瑟夫高登拉維特  柔伊黛絲錢妮   馬修格雷古柏勒

one of the reason the film success is definitely the heroine, Zooey Deschanel and her uniqle characteristic.
being the one with the rare magic attractive power mentioned in the film, this young actress certainly
has won herself a place in Hollywood.

With her perfect teeth, sky blye eyes and the invunerable smile, she has made numerous young guys
allured in her previous films. As for this one, it is sure one that designs for her.

I doubt if any girl would not envy the heroine in the film. even though we might be sexy and hot, we still secretly expect that we are also like an ariel who is childish and girlish at the same time.
It is not easy to be a weird girl, for mosy of us are pretty "normal"....

though in the very beginning of the film the director has told as that
what we are going to see is not a "love story". still it is a love story with a not so lovely ending.
it reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), for both depict less the sweetness of love but the suffering one might experienced while being in love.
THe film is great and probably perfect for lovers. it does provide a chance to reevaluate our love.
if it doesn't work out well, could we simply break up just like the film taught?
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帕納大師的魔幻冒險The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus


出 品 國:France | Canada
出  品:Davis-Films
發 行 商:威視電影
導演: 編劇: 演員: 泰利吉蘭 強尼戴普 希斯萊傑
裘德洛 柯林法洛 克里斯多夫普拉瑪


another Heath Ledger's last film and
another weid film

it is understandable that fox wants to see this film, for Johnny Depp also performes in it.
however, i am really surprised while seeing so
many people also want to see it outside the ticket office.

it is weird.....
the film is undoubtedly going to be weird
dont' they known?


as for the film itself, i am aware later the fact that after Leger died, the director asked the other three actors to fil in his part.

however, if the story is originally going to be that way, i might not be too surprised as well.

the story seems to tell lots of things
and once again, i completely ignore that

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nevertheless, the herione is an amazing model
and she looks gorgerous in the film.
especially, in the scene she is dreseed up as a goddredd naked with her long golden hair covering her brast, that is a painting-like pretty.

so if you cannot understand the film like me, just
enjoy the beauty of the heroine



影片資料 影片年份:2009
出 品 國:USA 出  品:Pixar Animation Studios
發 行 商:博偉 導演: 彼特達克特


it's been a long time since i see a good animated film.

this movie is reallllllllllllllly very touching!!
the first part of the story is kind of heartbroken,
which is about how a couple lived their life.

while the protagonist ends up lonely in their house,
it is sooooooooooooooo sad.

as for his adventure to the paradise outthere,
it is also very imaginative and intentive.

unlike traditional narrative, the story is filled
with new characters and is really funny.

the dogs cannot bark
the house that floats
the mysterous bird that loves chocolate


Pixar is always good at capturing the very humane appearance and personalities and then injects these
to the "dead" figures.

that's why their cartoons are more humanistic than others

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all in all i do recommend this film for those who love animated films as well as those don;t
it is really different and it is really touching


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it is definitely a very interesting novel,
i am kind of hard to decide whether i like it or not
basically it is a magic-realistic literary work
(trust me, i did not invent this term for it)
(it is written on the book cover and book reviews)

the story is about a weird love story between two
college young men.

the protagonist is a otaku and the author himself is as well.

the story written by an otaku.....
well you could image how otaku it is

so ,...it is interesting but a little bit too
weird for me.

probably those otaku would like it




finally, i come to the last work I read and watch recently
(i dooooooo feel i should devote myself more into my Ph.d study)
as i explaint in the previous article,
the film is kind of overestimated by us before watching.
and due to the insistance of Fox, once again, i watch the adapted film right
after reading the original novel.

this is really the most unfail reading plan to both works.
you always prefer one of another and that's certainly not a objective opinion
(of course, it could never be objective)


Fox loves the leading character a lot.
he seems to appreciate all of him
his clothing, his appearance, his characteristic
to me, this male actor is crazier and craizer as time goes by.


he used to be a clean and neat boy with sunshine like atmosphere.
now, he looks like a vagabond (is this why fox loves him?)
sometimes he looks stylish, sometimes it is just slobby

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the playwright has been changed a lot from the original novel.
I have to say i really like these changes.
basically, the movie version erased the most essential event in the novel.

also i think the choice of the character is not appropriated.
however, it is interesting to have the chance to review those amazing characters
from 時效警察
their performance is so great!



the reason we read this novel is kind of complicated.
bacause we watch the Japanese soap opera 時效警察 and were amazed by
the wonderful plot and character.

then we found out that the director had a film work in which
he adopted the same team.

then we found out that the film is adapted from a novel
finally the novel i discuss here.

however this chain effect has a very serious problem
that is
the order is confused.
for me, i finished the novel before watching the film
and it makes the film less attractive

also, the reading of the novel is kind of flat as well,
for the success of the soap opera is due to those amazing characters and
the director.

that is,
we totally overestimate the novel and the adapted film...

still to those unfamiliar with Japapnese novel,
it could be interesting

伊坂幸太郎--fish story


the system of blogger is definitely fulling me recently.
either the absence of the pic or the failure of upload the pics.

it really drives me crazy.
as i mentioned in the previous article,i've amlost finisned reading all
of the author's novel.
(probably it would be a huge pity that i could not read Japanese)

however, if i have to compare them, i would say this one is kind of more interesting
than the Devil.

this one is composed of some short stories and
some of them are really touching and moving

Fox loves the last story aboht family love
as for me,

i have to admit
i love it as well

still, some of the stories are over artificual
such as the one with the Justice superman