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Am I too severe?

Am i too severe to that five year old little girl?
Am I ?
ohohoh i am sosoo ssoso gret for what i have done last night!
I even havd a nightmare about how her mother criticizes me
I an afriad to imagine how her mother would think once she tells her
what happened during the class

why am i sososo hard to her?
since she does not like that pirate story ,just let it go!!
why do i have to push a five year old girl to hard!
do we really need a specific reason to justify our answe!?
she is not an adult and event many adult do not have this kind of ability
to elaborate thenselves well and clearly

why am i so hard to her!
i will keep in mind next time that 
she is just a five year old girl who knows very little about the world
who hates or like things for no reasons at all

the only thing i expect is she can forget what happened last night veru quickly, then
we can have a usual class this Wednesday


不好意思 google blog很難用 所以得自己點照片 ^^”

其實是二月底去的香港 不過現在才來分享
吃吃喝喝少不了 住的是華都行 老闆相當健談
電暖器跟明星海鮮酒家都相當不賴 ^^”
但是我媽媽回來後皮膚有一點問題 我是OK
可能皮膚嬌嫩的要注意一點 其他的旅程跟大家應該都差不多

沒想到第三天閒逛到尖沙咀 剛好看到旅遊中心
進去問一下 居然有有有有!!!!

因為我跟老媽嫌晃到太晚 所以很擔心遲到船就跑了
沒想到 拿著票飛奔過去 那個船員就說 不是那一台
往右手邊一看 一堆金髮碧眼的阿督宰 那一區才是

等了一回船才來 船真的長的很復古 尤其是紅帆超正點的
(不好意思 我真的不知道專有名詞較啥)
但是上了船 我才驚覺 我….會暈船
一個小時的行程下來 還滿難受的
風很大 所以頭會暈 也會冷

my ph.d stud plan

title: global novel and namesake movie
keywords: global novel, globalization, filmmaking, movie, capitalism, marxism, simulacra
thesis statement: i propose to reveal the formation of global novel in the era of globalziation as
well as the tendency to produce namesake movies from global novel. in the mean time, the impact of globalization on both academic and daliy life would be expose; also, the difference between how original text and adapted movie represent globalization would be discuss.

table of contents:
introduction: the popularity of movie in academic world
chapter one: the formation of global novel (globalization and literature)
chapter two: the adaptation of global novel into namesake movies (the alluring of globalziation)
chapter three: the difference of the represeation of globalziation in the original text and the
adapted movie
conclusion: the foreseeable future of t…

spain spain

it feels like i am going to have another travel year.
just like the year when Fox served his military obligation
at that time, i am kind of adandon him to travel like a freak
within one year, i travel for four times
this year, i am going to my second trip to spain after hk
before the end of this year, i am very likely to visit japan again with
my dear fox
i am so excited but worried at the same time
money is one question
however, my ph.d text is my major concern
if i do not pass the enterance exam, i probably have to interest to travel anywhere
but the hell and the hell and the hell

i better work harder on my study plan

2008 hong kong

i am lucky as i said before,
in less than six month, i visit another place
this time hong kong
the most familiar stranger,for every time i went aborad
i have to take the transmiton there
however i have never visited this small place

the image of hk--crowded, noisy, air-pollution, trams and buses, foreginers, cigerettes, affairs,
foods, cantoniese, uncomfortable, shopping

all in all, hk is definitely the last place i would choose to relax myself
besides i need a crazy shopping

i hate the apartment there
i hate the cigerattes there
i hate the crowdy there

i can hardly thnik of any aphraise about hk

however, i have to admit that hk is quite convenient for "tourists"
last but not least, never go hk for more than three days unless you are a shopping psycho

A Travelist!

ever since the first time i traveled by myself, it has been three years.
luckily, i have been to lots of places , probably more than most people have
in their whole life.

from europe to mainland china
from paris to Dunhung
from hot to cold
from ancient to modern

that day, i suddenly say, "the only and biggest accomplishment of my life is these trips."
indeed, what are other accomplishments?
becoming a master of literature?!
i can hardly think of anything which has changed me so much
the purpose of the trip could be different
however, the result is similiar
to understand yourself
to understand your companion
to understand your own country

the more i travel aborad
the more i identify myself with this nation, this island, this trivial region on the earth

waht am i taking about?

anyway, by international trip, i conpensate the regret for not studying in other places
that's way, maybe, i never envy those who have chance to do that
to me, i would rather stay in Tainan and save all my money for a tr…