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她的私密日記 private lives of pippa lee


出 品 國:USA  出  品:Elevation Filmworks  發 行 商:CatchPlay  
音  效: 導演: 編劇: 演員: 蕾貝卡米勒

蕾貝卡米勒 羅賓萊特潘 米克拜德 薇諾娜瑞德 基努李維

 actually it is kind of hard to decide whether i like this film or not,
as a not so much feminism advocator,
it seems i should like it
however, as a neo conversative who wichedly alters one's position
in terms of different events and happenings,
i am reluctant to say i totally agree what happened in the film.

the psychological of the mother leads to the suppressive life of the daughter,
affecting her whole life, and turning her into someone she does not like

it is definitely a cliche in feminist thinking.
the awakening of the woman always comes to late
and from time to time, leading to the corruption of the original lifestyle.

i do think there are ways to compomise between what she wants to be
and what she should be

the total breakup is hardly a modern strategy for modern women,
who know how to adjust themselves in this still slightly over patri…

型男飛行日誌 Up in the Air

影片資料 影片年份:2009

出 品 國:USA

出  品:Hard C

發 行 商:UIP

導演: 編劇: 演員: 傑森瑞特曼 華特肯恩 喬治克龍尼

薇拉伐咪卡 安娜坎卓克

though George Clooney did not get the Oscar award,
i still want to express how much i enjoy the film
actually i think it might be one of the best filmes
i see these days.
(besides 天外奇蹟 which does get some precious prize this year)

 the film is about a person who works for fire others all his life
which does not turn out his own firing by the supervisor
(if the film goes this way, i would not love it this way)

however, he does encounter trememdous transformation
in his career--
the coming of a young potato with her
whole new technique for firing!

this young lady invents a system which enables
those chicken boss to fire the employees
by internet!
in other words, they used to be fired by someone other than their boss
not they would be fired by the computer without
knowing the exact person.

that 's cruel, isn't it?

anyway, Clooney is asked to tutor the new worker by means of
showing …

重案對決Law Abiding Citizen

there must be something wrong about my blogger
probably i've uploaded too many unmeaningful articles
 and unfail film reviews.

anyway it kind of forbids me to upload pics
and i decide to give up that function.


影片年份:2009  出 品 國:USA

出  品:The Film Department

導演: 編劇: 演員: 蓋瑞葛雷

寇特威默 傑瑞德巴特勒 蕾絲莉畢柏  傑米福克斯

 this film is led by Gerard Butler who owns probably the
most perfect body in hollywood these days.

  (lucky for jennifer annestern!)
the story is cliche:
innocent people murdered and killed without reason.

and it turns out to be the modern 基督山恩仇記
though the protagonist isn't sentenced to prision

so  if you are a big fan of muscle,
you might want to take a look of the film.

or, the logic is really weird and unbearable

京極夏彥--塗佛之宴: 備宴

there are some things i can not sustain in my life.
among them, reading an unfinished novel would certainly takes the lead of the list.

yes, i hate to read an unfinished story, see a movie with the end, read a comic with the last volume.
i need the end to tell me that i have finished something and i can pursue another mission, book, movie.

sadly, as i thought i could finish reading this novel one night, it ended up only half of the story and
i have to wait for a loooooooooooooooooooong time for the other half, which would be releashed i do not know when.

after complaining about the unfinished story, there is still other things to be angry at.

this last work of 京極夏彥 shows how a diligent teacher the author becoems day after day.
he is unable to stop preaching his philosophy of subjectivity, reality, naming, history,...
he just could not give the readers a break and give them an "easy" story to enjoy.

it seems like the author is exactly the representative of the protagonist of…