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due to the recommendation from Miss lovely Tracy, I start to read this detective novel written by Ian Rankin. This author is quite famous recently, for his delicate depiction of the complicated murder event and intriguingly portrait of the characters. The main hero of the story, also the main character for his Revus-series work, is Rebus the Inspector who frequently, just like other miserable and busy heros of detective novels, runs into strange accidents and exhausts himself to solve the problem. Interestingly, Rebus is bo no means a start, easygoing, optimistic person; on the other hand, he seems to be a very negative, aged and heavy drinker. He tends to transgress the common rules in doing research and is considered the number one trouble maker by his supervisors and colleagues. Back to the plot of the Falls, it depicts the mysterious absence of a wealthy college student whose parents owns a bank and whose boyfriend is immediately listed as the most possible murderer of her death. Rankin sm…

Horse outfit!

When I was doing my daily check on PTT today, I found this amazing top.
A top with, literally speaking, a H-O-R-S-E on it!
Moreover, on the shoulder and the arm is the bristle floating as you wear it!
Unbelieveable, isn't it!
There are total three colors of it-black, white and gray.
And it costs you just 590 NT dollars.
Most important of all, it comes from Korea.
(YOu have to know that recently the clothes from Korea is kind of the proof of the fine quality)

let's take a close look of the lovely and vivid horse.
With that lifting hooves? What can be funnier?

the sign

This is the talisman that I bought last year in Japan. It came from a famous temple which is shown in Geisha. the exact temple in which the heroine runs across numerous red gateway.
the talisman is meant to protect the one who wears it and to reconcile the possible danger before hand.
Usually, I am not a very superstitious person. however this kind of trivial signs always bother me a lot.
Every time something close to me is broken or lost, I could not help but wonder if there was something happened and I did not know for the moment and forever.
The sense of insecurity would annoy me for a while until the busy life schedule pushs me further.

On the other hand, I am kind of released at this moment, for I tend to assume this talisman had
solved some possible problem or danger for me.

This evening on my way to the MRT station, this Fox-shaped talisman dropped on the elevator.
Immediately I pick it up and keep it in my bag.
Then once again, I wonder what could happen and what would happen~


the death of a writer 蘇玉珍 the ex-wife of 苦苓
well the end of a marriage seems to initiate the birth of a new writer
if one could consider Su as a "writer"

anyway, this is an era in which everyone could publish his/her work in
his/her own money

i accidently read part of this part in TKU liberary while I was waiting for my composition class
certainly it was the title of the writer which aroused my interest at that time
to show my respect of the writer, i start with the preface and the introduction written by 施寄青
gradually I found out that I was going to read a copy of erotic literature (?)
it is a record (well, the writer herself denies it, but who believes her?) of the marriage
of a popular "male"writer with his wife , which was full of the husband's love affair "s"

indeed, she is a bold writer who dares to challange the viewpoint of readers
what I cannot understand or I should even say forgive is
she is publishing, selling, and taking adventage of her husband.


Gossip Girl-Season1+2

Considering the fact that I know this series relatively late,I have to admit that I am not as young as I thought before (Wow, that's a big step~~)Well well wellGossip Girl is one of the most popular TV series in AmericaI guess probably it is because its fasion element makes it kind of the follower of the Channel or the Prada movie on the big scree.No girl hate fashion !
the other important element of Gossip Girl is so obvirous thatthe director even write it down on the title of the series."Gossip" YEs! again, which girl hates gossip!(IF you are not, please just leave me alone~)in this series, everyone is gossiping about othersand their focus are Serena, Blair, Nate, Den,....THe central figure of their senior highand as well,it seems all of them must have sex with each other one after another..
Still, the most important reason that I keep watching this serieswould be Serena who is so splendid and sweetalso, the clothes they wear are so appealing and alluring
last but not lea…

Nineteen Minutes by Judi Picoult

Actually I should not even try to rent a novel in my Chinese Lantern vocation back in Tainan, for
I still have hundreds of pages need to read. The new life and the new schedule definitely has stressed me somehow.

This is not Picoult's first novel and I hesitated a little to decide which one I should borrow first.
Is her very first boo? Or this one with the high recommentation?
Finally, I'd rather to start with something more common and popular
in cass it would ruin my vocation of its weight and boringness

the novel talks about an massacra happened in a senior high campus, which is designated by a constantly bullied boy
with her extraordinary writing skill, Picoult intertwines the different time period of the event.
However her strategy only makes the story clearer and reasonable

she depicts the mental activity of the teenager murderer delicately and sophisticatedly
moreover, unlike other writers who tend to ignore or weaken the dramatic effect of the end, for their focus
is to record t…