i did not expect to read this sequence in such a long time.
probably, it is because the reading experience of his previous books has revealt
his unique pattern, which reduces the sense of exciting and itneresting hugely.
so, it is great to read this one at this time being.
the whole strcture is different and this time
the writer uses female character to be the main character
(as a reference, Fox does not agree with me,
he thinks the same pattern still exists and could be obseved easily)
still, with the writer usual combination of science, military and politic issues ,
the work is very alluring and invites the readers to finish it as soon as possible.
moreover, i really think the writer is always expecting the filmic adaptation to
his writing, for the plot and the designation is so visualized.
readers can easily draw the picture of the happenings and even
predict the possible candicates for each character.
as a detective novel, it is very successful.
and as a educational book, i think it does not fail to surprise the readers
with new foundings and knowledges.
even though what Dan describes is usually seudo-scientific, it is very inspiring to
civilans who lack knowledge of high tech!
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my film experience of this movie is definitely a nightmare!
the whole reason is a BITCH! (yes, i am going to use this bad word!)
sitting next to us.
she kepts laughing in inproper scenes and moments during the whole movie.
she also made noises and sounds in weird points
basically, she succesfully ruined my appetites for the film.
Besides the special glasses we wear to watch the 3-D version also
drives me crazy, for it hurts after two hours forty mins.
as for the film itself, well, i think it makes me impatient in one hour.
i start to check the time ...........
i feel it is kind of hard for me to sympathize those BLUE aliens
(actually, they are like Indians or Africans)
and i can hardly bear the prolonged fight and the love affair in the film.
that is,
if you want to create a new species which is totally different from human beings,
how could they "kiss" (or i should say, show intimacy) in the same way like us
to KISS someone you love?
that's definitely very human-like.
These smalls things keep reminding my how unreal and unreasonable the film is.
eventually, i feel tired of it
still, it is worth even for its special effects
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it is kind of crazy that this weekend i see three movies
and most surprising of all,
two of them are in the theater.
it is really a very rare occasion to me, considering the high spend
still, this is the trilogy of the weekend film.
let me start with the one that i love most,
actually this evaluation is definitely unfair
however, this is my blog and i am allowed to say whatever i like
even they are 100% biased
i do enjoy the film of Guy Richie,
the director of Snatch, and many other excellent films.
i am not interested in pretending i have a taste of non-polular fims
but i do feel that the fast tempo, hilarious conversation, vivid characters
in his films make me kind of obsessed.
someone says that his film is like a prolonged MV with
shots after shots.
I think this comment is true and this is also what makes it so specially.
his film is not too long, not boring, and not commen for sure.
back to this wonderful adaptation film, Sherlock Holmes,
the choice of the actors has clearly declared that it
is not going to be a shot by shot adaptation of the original novel.
basically, only the names of the main characters are alike.
as for their personality, body shape, ...
nothing is the same with the original.
i do not think the director deliberately parodies the original novel.
it isn;t fair to say so.
he just wants to give a new favor to the classic.
i do recommend you guys to see the film.
at least, it is funny.
ps. it is so related to my final term paper and i feel so sad that
it seems to be impossible for me to make it my topic
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i saw this movie on Sat night, that is after Sherlock Holmes,
(I sitll feel crazy about what we did for the weekend)
when i was young.......
i would be more excited about this kind of films
i mean those with political issues and humanistic concerns.
however, as i grew up, i become numb with them.
probably, i am old enough to experience and witness the socalled disillusion of dream and hope.
i wait for a long time to see this film.
gay issue.......
my only comment is
Sean Penn is fucking amazing!
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Snuggie! 懶人毯

due to the unbelievable cold air recently,

these days this is probably the most interesting and useful (??) product on ES board



the following is the introduction from the selling Website


(trust me! i did not make these sentences)

actually it's full of temptation to me

to watch TV and eat the snacks with a sheet at the same time!

how amazing!

still after second thought,

i realize how Americans become sooooooooooooo fat

they hardly exercise and even expose their bodies!

and i have to say the above pic is soooooo weird

four people covered with blanket

the last pic is the worst situation a Homeman could be......
if you want to die along, just go ahead!
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up e03



其實我沒想到 語言隔閡 居然是出現在我的網誌上
從我開始使用blogger 匯到我版上留言的人真是少之又少
知道 有一天我發現 會有一些零星的流言
我當然是喜不自勝 馬上就點來看
結果 通通 是像 下圖一樣的流言

一開始因為很有趣 我也就把他留著
(對~~ 人家也想製造高人氣的假象)
沒想到 日覆一日 她們居然匯找到先前有人PO過的流言
根本就是看到糖 的盲目螞蟻依樣

結果居然就是上圖 63個~~~~~~~~~~
63個 你門


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