影片年份:2006 出 品 國:USA 出  品:Lionsgate 發 行 商:得藝影視 語  言:English 色  彩:Color 音  效:
導演: 編劇: 演員:
維克多·沙爾瓦Kevin Bernhardt史考特馬其洛茲 尼克諾特艾美史瑪特提姆德凱艾希頓荷姆

i am kind of unexpected to see this film, for i am meant to show another film, that is, A boat that rocks for the studntes in TKU. i also have to admit that i am a little bit disappointed while they decided to choose another film. thus, those who are big fans to this film please forgive me and my probably biased comments.

to me the theme of the film is not that new. actually you might even feel that it is so familiar that one might wonder if it could still be alluring and and inspiring. From a math genius to a gymnast, the only thing that never changes is their bad tempt and overexpanded ego. they frequently feel lost in their pursuit of the final goal and always need the advices from anyone but their own parents. isn't it weird? how could we expect a complete stranger to dig out the true self? (see, i am over-matured, or i would simply believe them all)

also, the whole film is surprisingly cliched~~~~~ Seeing the hero suffering once and once again, I can't help but thinking could the playwright be more tedious.... the same pattern remerges in this movie without much adaptation. even the final success seems to predictable and inexpectant to me. (yeah, i warn you the possible prejudice........) still, this film does teach me one thing. that is, i am no more a naive person and no longer need someone to lead to pursue my goal............
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影片年份:2009 出 品 國:USA 出  品:Forward Pass 發 行 商:UIP 導演: 編劇: 演員:
麥可曼恩 Ronan Bennett 克里斯丁貝爾 強尼戴普 查尼塔圖 比利克魯 登莉莉索碧斯基

the same director from 落日殺神 and the similar feeling i've got from 邁阿密風雲, i do not expect other people to agree with me but i say this with a good reason. the gun fight~ i do not know why but the gun fight scene in these three films are strangely cool, indifferent, alienated, and distached. i am not saying that they are not alluring or attractive. Nor am i saying that they are not exciting and lively. what i mean is the sound of the gun which is slightly different from those of other films. probably not that loud and clear but kind of "muffled" i am sure the high tech could provide excellent and vivid recording effect and surer that the director deliberately make the sound like so. anyway this muffled gun sound
interests me and add an unique flavour to theses films.

as for the male supporting role, Mr. Christian Bale, he has been named as the most unlucky actor nowadays, for he keeps performing in huge investment films but "deglittering" by other better actors or actresses. I am sure Fox would not agree with this, for he mentioned yesterday that he thought Bale is becoming an excellent and genius actor. Still, he is unluck for certain. for instance, 魔鬼終結者中的機器人? 蝙蝠俠中的小丑 (希司萊傑ㄟ~~) and this time, Johnny Depp???? even if we trace back to Velvet Goldmile, there is still
Ewan Mcgregor ................ Anyway, this film is quiet and detached. Posted by Picasa


This is it~ the Set!

Well, this is it ~ our set ring from I-Primo. May we be happy hereafter~
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I did not expect to read this book in this circumstance. I meam while half awake and half rush. this is the possible text book for the absurd ltierature course. even though i can not know for sure if it is going to happen. of course, i've heard this book. it seems to be a necessity for ltierary students to know it. however my delay encountering with it never bothers me a lot. Certainly i am full aware the significance of both the work and the author, still, i am reluctant to read it earlier. i gusee it is the sense of rebellion that drives me away from it for a long time. anyway, i did read it these days and found i was right before. that is, it is impossible for me to LOVe it. i do appreciate the excellent writing skill, (maybe i should not even say so, for i read the Chinese version) and the ambition to relate to various things in the novel. Yes! the author is ambitious and this is probably the best word i cound use to describe him. he is so ambitious that he juxtapose numerous isses. human beings and animal; love; rebellion, nature and human beings, religion and human beings; homosexual, erotic, political affair, WW2, communism, urban life and country life, alienation, .............. Yes, what an ambitious writer! Posted by Picasa


One Million Yen Girl 百萬元女孩的眼淚日記



出 品 國:Japan

出  品:Nikkatsu

發 行 商:CatchPlay

導演: 編劇: 演員:
棚田雪 蒼井優 森山未來 皮埃耶瀧 竹財輝之助 齊藤隆成

i just finish this film and can't wait to share my afterthought . perfect chocie of the characters, perfect designation of the atmosphere and almost perfect ending. it is a film that is almost perfect to me

the actress is no undoubtedly wonderful and excellent. her performance hardly disappoints the audiences. (execpt in 扶桑花女孩, , it is not fer own fault, right?)
Still, the ending of the film is devasticatic and over-artificual the girl who has just broken her heart buys a donuts on her way to the train station? a sudden relief?

moreover to emphasize the pretty eyes of the heroine, the makeup is definitely over!!!! the eyelashes is unnatural long and almost make her seductive (not in a good way). As a girl famous for her transparent act and dispistion, i really do not think she needs that fake eyelashes on her face. Still, it is a very good film with peaceful aura and wonderful act. Posted by Picasa


紐約浮世錄 (Synecdoche, New York)

影片年份:2008 出 品 國:USA

出  品:Likely Story 發 行 商:CatchPlay

導演: 編劇: 演員:
查理考夫曼 菲力普西蒙霍夫曼 凱瑟琳基納 Sadie Goldstein 彼得佛里曼 喬許派斯

actually, i am kind of reluctant to write down my comment on the movie. i have a feeling that it could crush out my established good sense of films. the truth is the film is so hard to understand and i can barely finish it. (well, i quit in the very last part)

i am sure that the leading actor Philips is talented and amazing. and i have no doubt that the director has lots of things to say about humanity, loneless, love, life, alienation, family, theatre.....etc. maybe it is just because there are so many of them, i feel tired right after the film passed one hour. those obvious intentional scenes which obviously demands interpretations really bother me and exhausts my attention. so., it's hard. and for those really smart people, please do watch it and tell me your afterthogughts!

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影片年份:2009 出 品 國:USA

出  品:Brian Grazer/John Calley 發 行 商:博偉

導演: 編劇: 演員:
朗霍華大衛柯柏 湯姆漢克斯 阿耶萊特祖蕾爾 伊旺麥奎格 史戴倫史柯斯嘉 David Pasquesi

to me, the two movies adapted from 丹布朗 an the two novels as well seem to remind me

my own personality from time to time.

(forgive me. I am too lazy to check for the spelling)

I read Davinci Code after returing from Paris.

I read Angles and Demons after returing from ROme.

What couldn't I simply read them earlier to have

a better understanding of the city I am about to visit?

The only reason would be my sloopy personality

which shows in every aspect of my daily life.

Still, i have to defense for myself by saying that

even though I read the novels after the trip, they work as wonderful reminders

of the amazing things i've seen in the trip.

So, the memory exists in a more concret way in my mind!

Returning to the movie itself,


it is interesting and the choice of the character

(besides Tom Hanks, i keep thinking that he is toooooooooo old for that character)

(and, yes, I am talking about 伊旺麥奎格) is surprising.

and I doubt we would have the chance to see another film adapted from 丹布朗's works,

for they are, literally speaking, all the same ~~~~~~~~

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like my reading experience of Ian's novel,
the disorder of the consequence causes me lots of trouble in
totally understanding the story.
Stieg Larsson is now considered as the talented novelist whose work concentrates
on the issue of female abuse and teenager criminal isses.
Also due to the designation of the heroine, an obvious psycho
(no matter how the author defends his own creation, I still think this little girl is a psycho!)
I originally misrecognized the authr as a female novelist.
In contrast, he is a male "reporter"!
well, his background does explain how he could have
so much knowledge about fossil industry and other "political"
As for the story itself, hmmmmmmmmm,
i do enjoy the fast pace and the delicate explanation of the movement of each character in the same time--
by the way, this kind of writing strategy always satisfies me,
readers who wants to know everything during the event.
still, i do not buy the heroine herself (ha~~~~~~~)
it is hard to believe a young woman (152cm, 42kg) could
"fight with the world"?
if Larsson had made his heroine less talented, the story might be more realistic
how could we imagin a extremely talented girl who could be a
hack and an expert of close fight at the same time?
at least, for me, it is so questionable.
I am still waiting for the first novel of the Millennium series
and expect to change my opinion for the time being.
Still, the novel is alluring for I finished it in no more than two days, which is around 560 pages long!
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THis novel comes from Tracy's recommendation. According to her, anyone who is interested in detective novel should not miss it! Accepting her suggestion, it took me a while to borrow the books from the school library. actually, it is quite different from my recent reading experience of Japanese detective novels ,which tends to be less bloody but more lighthearted depiction of the characters and the events. (I must be confused somehow, for I start writing this article several days ago to find out that I haven't finished it at all. I simply mistake it as the other novel. ) Now after more few days, I finally finish reading it and can really talk about my feeling. that is, it is sooooooooooooo complicated! probably it is because I did not follow the chronological order of Ian's books, yet the plot itself is so complex and is filled with tooooooooooooooo many characters and events. it makes me hard to understand the main issue, but keep seeing out hero geting in and getting out one after another bars. Even though, he does try to keep sober in this episode. still, the whole thing is so not my type and the ending is kind of disappointing to me as well. I could not believe that the author let go the murder (I know it is for the benefit of the sequence). Still this decision makes me really down for a while. I suddenly find out that I expect more for the moral responsibility of the detective novels than i thought i was. SO, unless you really like to play the game with the author, you may simply enjoy the plot instead of trying to figure out what was happened in every details Posted by Picasa




我 一值都自認非常能接受流行新事物
但是有些商品就是會讓人覺得不知道 該怎麼評斷
但是客官啊 你看看他的比例
這可是日本最火 最夯 最紅的商品
但 我只想說 我管你是日本還是大陸
做出來的 拿來賣的
ps 如果你還是想買
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Year One--您祖宗卡好~

出 品 國:USA 出  品:Apatow Productions

導演: 編劇: 演員:
哈洛雷米斯 傑克布萊克 麥可塞拉O 大衛克羅素


actually it is hard to describe my true feeling about this film it could be "it sucks~" , horrible and terrible, or disgusting~~~~~~~ well probably negative terms used for low-invested B movies. Even though it has Jack Black whose ROck Classroom (搖滾教室) might be considered as an epic, this film is still rotten to the center

but i also have to admit that if I am more aware of Christian history and Biblical stories, i might be able to enjoy the film Still I wonder if this change would be a good one. So eventually this film is so bad and disinteresting, I strongly you to avoid it~ Probably the only interesting thing is the strangeness of the Chinese title

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搖滾電台--THe boat that Rocked

片長:135分 艾瑪湯普遜與菲利浦西摩霍夫曼主演,講述60年代非法廣播電台的喜劇。


出 品 國:USA

出  品:Portobello Studios
導演: 編劇: 演員:






if you ask me what kind of movie is this

i would say

the one that you have to-must-should-need to see!!!!!

the story is soooooooooooooo funny

that you would never feel bored during that two hours

the characters are doing perfect jobs when they

perform the crazy and splendid life of the DJs on boat

I probably would be the last one to say I

understand the spirit of Rock

however while seeing this fim,

I feel like I might get closer to it

besides those crazy behaviors done by the DJs,
the film also demonstrates how Rock could
bring dfferent feelings to the aiduences--
warm, sex, cool, sensational, crazy....
The ending of the film is also a fantastic designation which
exploses the close relation between
the audience and the DJs.
Trust me it's a film that never disappoints you
besides it is also so suitable for cimenatic study
for instance,
a boat that rock sbut not sails
once it sails, it meets its death
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the choice of the wedding rings

pic 1
eventually, i decide to buy this pair of wedding ring in I-Primo.
its advertisement is so alluring and pleasanting that
hardly could any girl resist it
(sure, not include those addict to Tiffany or HOF)
(sure, I want those toooooooooo)

Still considering the fact that the wedding ring is going to be different with the
engagement ring and to possibly be wore together in certain occasions,
I give up the my first choice, which is probably tooooooooo shining for me. (pic 1)
pic 2
pic 3
what's interesting is that both mine and Fox's come from the 10th Anniversary special edition
however each of them comes from individual set
(Fox's is the left one for the groom from pic2)
(Mine is the left one for the birde from pic 3)
We do try to buy a set that would be cheap and easy, but you know
we people are complicated~~~~~

that's it!

ps. anyone who wants to ge marry could consider I-primo
it is so girly and lovely
ps for ps.
I just check the dictionary and find out that
the word "groom" has several meanings.
Beside the male in the wedding ceremony, it also means
the leader of the servent in English palace
and the cart driver.
Well, it seems like man should be responsible for
service and hard labour!

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