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compare these two Janapese novelists both of them are good at writing detective novels both of them are welcomed by comtemporary readers to me, i like them both, for each of them has their individual interest and concern while 宮部 tends to depict younger children (usually are boys and girls) and social issues, 伊坂 shows his talent on complex narrative structure and deliberately confusing time consequence. however in this novel i read for the first time 宮部's attempt to play a game with the readers. that is, she constructs her story as RPG game which means Role Play Game. the combination of the plot and the narrative form is so smart that I could not help but reading this novel for several times. Also located the story in very limited locus, 宮部shows us her ability to say what she means to say in long dialogues instead of exciting actions. anyway, i enjoy reading this novel very much and it is possibily the most interesting one recently.


i often feel that reading does save me in many occasions for instance, when i do not want to write my paper or when i do not want to write my paper or when i do not want to write my paper YEs! that's right! reading is the best excuse to everything, especially studying... this novel is another masterpiece in which the author confuses the time sequence and complicates the plot with nuerous characters and storylines. Indeed, the author's signature writing style could often bores the readers who read evey work of him however, i am lucky that i haven't got that kind of feeling and am still fascinated by it. the only thing I feel uncomfortable about the novel is that the so-called children are actually pretty old! to me they are more like teenagers and i expect to read about younger children. 84

say happy birthday II

what a surprise!!!!!my dear fox come home with a 哈跟打死 ice cream cake
its appearance really makes me happy ! See how cute it is!with those strawberries, blueberriesit looks even more adorable and it tastes excellent as well
I wanna thank my Fox one more time for his paying And all these let me feel like a princess ^^


因為今天是我的生日 所以就很不要臉的在網路上一值亂晃就給我看到這個很奇妙的網站也是韓國的拍賣 專攻的是情侶裝可是 我不得不說 真的是高明非常非常非常非常非常非常多的設計
你看看這個黑白格子的運用真的是不是很明顯的情侶裝 又可以讓兩個人都同時不會太蠢而且 可能也比個自穿來的好多了
這一套我也覺得非常可愛 又很青春她們蓮鞋子都有佩成套喔
最後為了因應夏天 來點養眼的比基尼套裝 但 總之我還是大不推情侶裝 更不用說最近陸上也常看到的家族裝 真的有那麼怕人家任不出你們是情侶或家人嗎 在說 拜託 一個蠢就好  不要把另一個也拉下水 for more infornation:

Say Happy Birthday!

Today is My birthday
however, under extreme stress it is so hard for me to be excited I really think that I've made a wrong decision several months ago. What I mean is that I should never have applied for the position as a teaching asistance in the campus that Iam serving for right now.Unable to handle my term paper and the part time workat the same time,i have no choice but to give up the latter.however, it makes me look super irresponsible and that's what I never want to be~~oh my!i can not believe i make my birthday such a disaster nevertheless,my dear Fox makes my another dream come true!he bought me this wonderful present and that does motivate me a little
See it is pearl necklace the representative of grace and elegancy! even though my mom keeps saying that it is not worthy I like it anyway! I am so sad that the picture can not show the pink reflection on the pearl which makes it splendid and amazingly pretty Thank you my Fox!

THE future child

it seems like girls always have simiar desire--
to see or to foresee what their child would look like

I found this website in someone else's blog
and it is soooooooooooooo stupid
cause the result is very frustratingly unlike!
it actually hardly closes the truth...
the above one is the test using my parents' pictures
in other words,
it should be me or at least my brother

we are not like this
this is definitely the face of some kind of western baby
(i even think it looks like a Russian!~~)

asfor the nose!
we don't have that BIG nose in my family

this second one is undoubtedly even more frustrating
than the first.


我絕得非常好看 又是另一個系列的故事
想起來 宮佈的偵探還真多呀