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i do not like this film i am serious and quite fair, for i've seen 變形金剛1.2 蝙蝠俠1.2.3.4 阿凡達...etc IN the TEATHER considering my splendid experience, i deserve the right to judge this film it is not goooooooooooooood the story could hardly be new to me, for i should have known it as a foreign literature major. or i should say, the seeming illogical plot is fine to me still, the film is awful and weird first of all, where is the 3D effect used?
am i too stupid to observe that?
second, the heroines are not pretty, AGAIN
i mean the Helen in Troy is not amzing pretty as well.
American must have problem to tell the beauty of european women or
any women other than American
(well, sometimes, I do doubt if they call tell American as well)
thirdly, why do they borrow the costume from 300壯士?!
finally, it is my own problem
how come medusa is so popular these days,
i've seen her in more than one preview!

in a word , it is not gooooooooood


as i mentioned in the article about NY, I Love You,
personal awareness of a specific city is kind of the criterion to
evaluate if the film is successful
to me, Paris, I Love You is undoubtedly the winner of the two the reasom is simple i have the luck to be in Paris when I was young (this idiom comes from somewhere.... but i can't remember it right now)  twice! Is Paris a city of Love?
Is Paris a city of Lovers?
Yes and Yes
i would certainly agree to these two questions
Paris is a city of love
Paris is a city of lovers

as for the movie,
probably, it is composed of mostly European directors,
the aura is more sophisticated, intellectual-like,
more delicated,
everything in Paris is beautiful.

also, this one is less Benetton style
in NY,I love you, we see how these Americans
strive to include the story of all people"s"
(they even asked 那塔莉波曼 to act like that)

My favorite story is the one with the father
who is voluntary to take care of his grandchild in ordr his daughter
could …


There is definitely something wrong of my blogger
it keeps keeping me away from upload new articles
probably it , finally, finds out that it should preserve its source
for more meaningful staffs.
i did see the movie in the wrong order,
i mean,
i should have seen Paris J'taime before New York, I Love You.
Still whatever,
do i like the movie?
well it is not a new attempt to shoot a film
this way-to combine several shorter sections--to
demonstrate the atmosphere of a city

city and love
the two essential elements thing in the film
are they shown well?
I doubt,
the image of new york as an unbran city is never something new
the image of NY as a city full of love, well
it looks like love could have happened anywhere.

the search of the uniqueness of NY city
has been replaced by
the uniqueness of those amazing directors.

in other words, you would be awed by the interesting stories,
the acting of the wonderful actors and actress,
or the splendid shooting skill

as for these and NY …