entrance exam for NCKU Ph.D program

文學理論: (七選5)
Aristotle (poet as imitator?)
the difference of the concept of the sublime between Kant and Longuinse(?)
Foucault's three major shifts
Lyotard's grand narrative (顯然以上兩題是送分題)
Wordsworth's position as the beginner of romantism
Homi Bhabha

美國文學: (兩題)
1860-1920 minority literature (women, immigrant, and ethnic grouo)
Feminism: write two female writers whose work has been reevaluated after
1960s feminist movement (ex. Hursten, Willa Cathy, O'Flanney?) (顯然是劉開鈴出的)

英國文學: (三選二)
Gothic Novel and its impact on 19th century literature (顯然考卷是林明澤出的)
The importance of non-English writers to British literature (ex. Joyce, YeatsEliot,,...)


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