probably it is not a good idea to see the movie version
before the TV version
the film definitely includes all the elements I like about a movie
young guys, sports, teamwork, tears, emotional scenes
i just could not help to see more and more similar movies
the story is about a group of bad senior high school students
wanting to play baseball, for
it might the only reason they have in their lives

凌瀨遙plays as one of the student's sister
and she is very suitable for this kinds of characters.
as for the protagonist, the rookie teacher
i have no doubt that he could become super
popular after the film.

even though, the plot is a little bit too
the strong emotion is by no means less touching

everytime i saw this kind of movies
it would remind me of those wonderful times
(i know it sound so artificial but it's true)

and i immediately find the access to
its TV version
both of them are wonderful

NO wonder the film versino could create
the new record of Japanese movie record.
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