500 Days of Smmer 戀夏五百日

影片資料 影片年份:2009   出 品 國:USA   出  品:Watermark

發 行 商:福斯

Dolby Digital 導演: 編劇: 演員: 馬克偉柏  史考特諾伊史達特

喬瑟夫高登拉維特  柔伊黛絲錢妮   馬修格雷古柏勒

one of the reason the film success is definitely the heroine, Zooey Deschanel and her uniqle characteristic.
being the one with the rare magic attractive power mentioned in the film, this young actress certainly
has won herself a place in Hollywood.

With her perfect teeth, sky blye eyes and the invunerable smile, she has made numerous young guys
allured in her previous films. As for this one, it is sure one that designs for her.

I doubt if any girl would not envy the heroine in the film. even though we might be sexy and hot, we still secretly expect that we are also like an ariel who is childish and girlish at the same time.
It is not easy to be a weird girl, for mosy of us are pretty "normal"....

though in the very beginning of the film the director has told as that
what we are going to see is not a "love story". still it is a love story with a not so lovely ending.
it reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), for both depict less the sweetness of love but the suffering one might experienced while being in love.
THe film is great and probably perfect for lovers. it does provide a chance to reevaluate our love.
if it doesn't work out well, could we simply break up just like the film taught?
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