Say Happy Birthday!

Today is My birthday

under extreme stress it is so hard for me to be excited

I really think that I've made a wrong decision

several months ago.

What I mean is that I should never have applied for the

position as a teaching asistance in the campus that I

am serving for right now.

Unable to handle my term paper and the part time work

at the same time,

i have no choice but to give up the latter.

however, it makes me look super irresponsible and

that's what I never want to be~~

oh my!

i can not believe i make my birthday such a disaster


my dear Fox makes my another dream come true!

he bought me this wonderful present

and that does motivate me a little


it is pearl necklace

the representative of grace and elegancy!

even though my mom keeps saying that

it is not worthy I like it anyway!

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I am so sad that the picture can not show
the pink reflection on the pearl
which makes it splendid and amazingly pretty
Thank you my Fox!


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