THE future child

it seems like girls always have simiar desire--
to see or to foresee what their child would look like

I found this website in someone else's blog
and it is soooooooooooooo stupid
cause the result is very frustratingly unlike!
it actually hardly closes the truth...
the above one is the test using my parents' pictures
in other words,
it should be me or at least my brother

we are not like this
this is definitely the face of some kind of western baby
(i even think it looks like a Russian!~~)

asfor the nose!
we don't have that BIG nose in my family

this second one is undoubtedly even more frustrating
than the first.
it would be my child!
it really confused me from the very first sight
what happend to that face?
especially, the shape of the face

probably the ultimate problem is
they don't have any picture of Asian infant~
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