影片資料 影片年份:2009
出 品 國:USA 出  品:Pixar Animation Studios
發 行 商:博偉 導演: 彼特達克特


it's been a long time since i see a good animated film.

this movie is reallllllllllllllly very touching!!
the first part of the story is kind of heartbroken,
which is about how a couple lived their life.

while the protagonist ends up lonely in their house,
it is sooooooooooooooo sad.

as for his adventure to the paradise outthere,
it is also very imaginative and intentive.

unlike traditional narrative, the story is filled
with new characters and is really funny.

the dogs cannot bark
the house that floats
the mysterous bird that loves chocolate


Pixar is always good at capturing the very humane appearance and personalities and then injects these
to the "dead" figures.

that's why their cartoons are more humanistic than others

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all in all i do recommend this film for those who love animated films as well as those don;t
it is really different and it is really touching


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