A Travelist!

ever since the first time i traveled by myself, it has been three years.
luckily, i have been to lots of places , probably more than most people have
in their whole life.

from europe to mainland china
from paris to Dunhung
from hot to cold
from ancient to modern

that day, i suddenly say, "the only and biggest accomplishment of my life is these trips."
indeed, what are other accomplishments?
becoming a master of literature?!
i can hardly think of anything which has changed me so much
the purpose of the trip could be different
however, the result is similiar
to understand yourself
to understand your companion
to understand your own country

the more i travel aborad
the more i identify myself with this nation, this island, this trivial region on the earth

waht am i taking about?

anyway, by international trip, i conpensate the regret for not studying in other places
that's way, maybe, i never envy those who have chance to do that
to me, i would rather stay in Tainan and save all my money for a trip
a mere trip
a trip for no matter how many days


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