my ph.d stud plan

title: global novel and namesake movie
keywords: global novel, globalization, filmmaking, movie, capitalism, marxism, simulacra
thesis statement: i propose to reveal the formation of global novel in the era of globalziation as
well as the tendency to produce namesake movies from global novel. in the mean time, the impact of globalization on both academic and daliy life would be expose; also, the difference between how original text and adapted movie represent globalization would be discuss.

table of contents:
introduction: the popularity of movie in academic world
chapter one: the formation of global novel (globalization and literature)
chapter two: the adaptation of global novel into namesake movies (the alluring of globalziation)
chapter three: the difference of the represeation of globalziation in the original text and the
adapted movie
conclusion: the foreseeable future of the melting of literature and movie.

original contribution: with interdisciplinary study, the thesis aims to reveal the impeccable impact of globalzation on modern people.

ltierary review: globalization, global novel, film study, marxism, late capitalism


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