Am I too severe?

Am i too severe to that five year old little girl?
Am I ?
ohohoh i am sosoo ssoso gret for what i have done last night!
I even havd a nightmare about how her mother criticizes me
I an afriad to imagine how her mother would think once she tells her
what happened during the class

why am i sososo hard to her?
since she does not like that pirate story ,just let it go!!
why do i have to push a five year old girl to hard!
do we really need a specific reason to justify our answe!?
she is not an adult and event many adult do not have this kind of ability
to elaborate thenselves well and clearly

why am i so hard to her!
i will keep in mind next time that 
she is just a five year old girl who knows very little about the world
who hates or like things for no reasons at all

the only thing i expect is she can forget what happened last night veru quickly, then
we can have a usual class this Wednesday


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