2008 hong kong

i am lucky as i said before,
in less than six month, i visit another place
this time hong kong
the most familiar stranger,for every time i went aborad
i have to take the transmiton there
however i have never visited this small place

the image of hk--crowded, noisy, air-pollution, trams and buses, foreginers, cigerettes, affairs,
foods, cantoniese, uncomfortable, shopping

all in all, hk is definitely the last place i would choose to relax myself
besides i need a crazy shopping

i hate the apartment there
i hate the cigerattes there
i hate the crowdy there

i can hardly thnik of any aphraise about hk

however, i have to admit that hk is quite convenient for "tourists"
last but not least, never go hk for more than three days unless you are a shopping psycho


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