One Million Yen Girl 百萬元女孩的眼淚日記



出 品 國:Japan

出  品:Nikkatsu

發 行 商:CatchPlay

導演: 編劇: 演員:
棚田雪 蒼井優 森山未來 皮埃耶瀧 竹財輝之助 齊藤隆成

i just finish this film and can't wait to share my afterthought . perfect chocie of the characters, perfect designation of the atmosphere and almost perfect ending. it is a film that is almost perfect to me

the actress is no undoubtedly wonderful and excellent. her performance hardly disappoints the audiences. (execpt in 扶桑花女孩, , it is not fer own fault, right?)
Still, the ending of the film is devasticatic and over-artificual the girl who has just broken her heart buys a donuts on her way to the train station? a sudden relief?

moreover to emphasize the pretty eyes of the heroine, the makeup is definitely over!!!! the eyelashes is unnatural long and almost make her seductive (not in a good way). As a girl famous for her transparent act and dispistion, i really do not think she needs that fake eyelashes on her face. Still, it is a very good film with peaceful aura and wonderful act. Posted by Picasa

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