the choice of the wedding rings

pic 1
eventually, i decide to buy this pair of wedding ring in I-Primo.
its advertisement is so alluring and pleasanting that
hardly could any girl resist it
(sure, not include those addict to Tiffany or HOF)
(sure, I want those toooooooooo)

Still considering the fact that the wedding ring is going to be different with the
engagement ring and to possibly be wore together in certain occasions,
I give up the my first choice, which is probably tooooooooo shining for me. (pic 1)
pic 2
pic 3
what's interesting is that both mine and Fox's come from the 10th Anniversary special edition
however each of them comes from individual set
(Fox's is the left one for the groom from pic2)
(Mine is the left one for the birde from pic 3)
We do try to buy a set that would be cheap and easy, but you know
we people are complicated~~~~~

that's it!

ps. anyone who wants to ge marry could consider I-primo
it is so girly and lovely
ps for ps.
I just check the dictionary and find out that
the word "groom" has several meanings.
Beside the male in the wedding ceremony, it also means
the leader of the servent in English palace
and the cart driver.
Well, it seems like man should be responsible for
service and hard labour!

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