The Battle fo Algeria

The film was published in 1967 as a record of the independence movement of
Algeria from its colonizer, France.
It portrays how local rebellions grope themselves, seeking for weapons, being supported by local people.
also, the camera honestly represents how the French abuse the Algerians, brutally murdering them.
In the end of the film, the last representative of the rebellions was been bombed inside a building, accompanying by his companions, including a teenager.
Prof. Lee introduced this film in the very class of our Empirism and Literature to give us a big
picture of what happened at that time.
I do sense and understand his intention after the film, still,
there is a new feeling emerging insider my mind--
that is,
I kina of start to resist the course !

It is so ironic and useless for a group of intellectuals
(if our high education qualifies us that term)
discussing the sacrifice and war happened long long away from us.
How could we analyze something that is not fictional

THe movie is not just about some virtual reality.
instead, real people die...

no matter how many papers we produce and release,
we could not changet that plight and misery.
(com'on! you know what i mean and what i mean is a fucking truth!)

I know it is stupid for me to doubt my own study and career,
however, how could i not after seeign this film.

all in all,
it is not an entertaining film and
the violent scene inside it might not be more brutal than Holleywood movies.
it is just a truth
a truth that hurts people.
if you are not ready to care about those people.
you could simply skip this film.

if you don't want to be covered with that sense of powerless,
you could jump over it as well.

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