how could they be so similar? 宇多田vs 布蘭妮

these days Utada releases her latest album, Heart Station
it is so good that I could not help but letting my Mp3 play it all day long
I love every song in this album and
I HIGHLY recommend you guys to have a taste of it
Still, some of the songs are amazingly similar to those in Birtney Spears' Circus

I am not complaining about this
actually I'd rather consider it as a wonderful coincidence,
for both of them are well-down albums

to me, it is also surprising to find out that after so many
accidents (or misbehaviors?)
Britney Spears can still find so many song writers willing to
let her sing their works
Of course, i am not that naive to believe that they like her voice.
I do understand it should be contributed to MONEY!

however, i have to admit that her duck-like voice does go well with the song
and makes the whole album another success.
(which is kind of rare recently in her life)

I can foresee the high sales-volume of this album

so those who are interested might find these two albums and play them one after another
you would find some of them sound very very similar

last but not least,
even though the picture is fucking small,
i want to share my finding from Utada's profile
in the section about her interest,
she answers,
"literature is my life and i have more books than clothes in my house"
"moreover, i could understand every book i've read"

reading takes you to somewhere wonderful!

Believe it!
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沒錯 而且宇多田的歌 真的一點也聽不出日本味 不像某個較Boa的歌手..