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Finally、after a period of time、I am able to see this movie without
at least not that biased viewpoint. In other words,
I eventually forget the aura of the original novel and enjoy
the atmospher of the movie.
With such an interesting and poetic title、"Sweet Rain"、the
director deliberately shaped the main character、the GOd of death
into an "sweet" figure.
Indeed、the choice of the actor、金城武,definitely shows his ambition
and the actor is also very suitable for that character.

Beside Sweet、the other important component of the novel
as well as the adpoted movie、is "rain." According to the
author、everytime the hero appears、the weather can by no means be
sunny. Rain has been related tightly with "death," still、the movie
does not have that kind of melancholic feeling.
On the other hand、the director stresses on how and what the hero
learn from hunam beings. Especially those who are dying.

Also、in the movie、金城武 changes lots of different styles of cloth
and he fits each one perfectly. (No wonder!)
Regardless of the stereotyped dress code of the God of death
(black suit plus white shirt)、the variety of his dressing helps
to make the movie playful and fun to the audience.

Moreover、the idea of the GOd of death to be the big fan of MUSIC is
also an very interesting and pleasing design of the author.
How amazing! The God of death loves nothing but music!
This does kind of soften the awful feeling of the coming of the death as well
as its spokeman、the God of the death.

Nevertheless、I still want to address to the difference of the novel and
the movie. For instance、in the very last story、the original design of the age
of the grandchild is not a child but more like a teenager. THus、金城武 is forced
to find customers in the dowotown. However、the change made by the movie director surpries me for its awesome effect.
The teenager is changed into elementary school student、which
gives the audience the change to see how the God of death deal with children.
Child is always the best component of a touching movie and the director
by all means tells as this with his new adaptation of the original novel.

All in all、I appreciate the change and also approve for his wit to do so.
It is kind of precious、for most changes made by the director are poorly done.

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My Thesis--Final draft

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[玩具] 怪手可以一直買一直的嗎?

本篇文章是要談論到大鳥爸的奇特嗜好 那不只是買玩具 ---這是媽媽我的專長 是買某一種玩具 而且必須同時滿足質感美感上種種的要求
這個被選定來滿足種種要求的到底是什麼呢? 就是怪手....... 也是挖土機
不是堆高機 混凝土車 不是卡車 垃圾車 消防車 救護車
就是 怪手 a.k.a. 挖土機

就是上面這個喔 這個才是怪手喔!!!! (這真的是本文的關鍵字)
我得話說從頭 先前就提過在台南老家外就有一間也有一對兄妹的早餐店 就在媽媽我的努力一下一步一步蠶食鯨吞 也把它們納入夥伴圈中 那早餐小哥就擁有好多檯的怪手 幾次早餐下來 大鳥弟就滿口怪手怪手 好像只有怪手才是拿得上台面的玩具 偏偏我們家就是沒有怪手
於是 怪手歷險記就開始了....
一開始是天性就很隨便的媽媽 就到附近一間快要倒店的十元商店 買回了一檯卡車跟怪手二合一的玩具車 各位你們看出重點了嗎? 二合一? 錯了! 弟弟要的就是 怪手  只要怪手喔

我再說一次 是怪手喔 不是其他的工程車喔
大鳥爸就開始了怪手歷險記 再某個傍晚還得去上班的日子 為了要滿足大鳥弟的怪手慾 他開過大半個高雄 到了夢時代的玩具反斗城 花了好久好久 好累好累的 買回了

鑽 地 機