Oh Lucky ME~

This is my favorite pic from this trip!

I've been to Japan for three times and each time,

the feeling is totally different.
THe first time, I went with my family and participating a travel tour.
I was so small at that time. Without much judgemental ablilty,

I only remember how my father escaped in Disneyland

and how bad the food was.

The second time, I went to Tokyo with my FOX

(Thanks for his generosity!)
With my beloved, even though,

four of my tooth had been taken by my dentisit,
I had a very gooooooooooooooood time.

THis time, again Thanks for my FOX for his kindness,

within less than one year,
we visited Osaka and Kyoto.

Each travel, I consider myself to be extremely lucky.
Unlike others who are struggling in their work or study,

I could consistantly travel to differrent countries,

enjoying various cultures.

Due to these trips, I learn a lot and grow a lot as well.
Due to these trips, my patience has been developed,

knowing how to sustain unpleasing enviroment.
Due to these trips, my life is full of joke and amazing expereinces

to share with others whenever the
atmosphere is tense.

Due to these trips, I've become a better person.
Thanks for those who support me to have these trip,

either finanially or spiritually!

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