Vanity at Christmas

Actually, sometimes, I want to thank my own vanity, for it makes me look to down to earth.
In other words, I am so easy to be please.
You do not bother to spend whole day long with me.
Just send me a present!
THen, I would leave you peace!!
THis year, I decide to be intoxicated with my own vanity.

What elase can a girl be please more than this
Yes, a girl should not buy herself diamond nor tiffany.
Tiffany belongs to a lover who is willing to please the other.

(Yes! Welcome to criticize me harshly!)

After careful consideration and surf on the Internet for a long time,
I decide to buy this necklace in the shape of a hoof wiyh the brand name on it.

see how cute it is!
Even though people keep saying tha Tiffany sells silver product with the price of gold, still, it is
tiffany and it simply makes me happy
Happy is what we expect most, isn't it?
SO, what's wrong to make oneself happy with no matter what price?!

Finally, I wish merry christmas to everyone and
most important of all,
I want to thank FOX
thank you for fulfilling my every dream
thank you for tolerating my every flaw
thank you for loving my family as well as me

Merry Christmas!
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