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I do enjoy seeing Juila Roberts playing different characters, either the beautiful vase in Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and even Thirteen or in the Smile of Monalisa, in which she acts as a young and ambitious teacher. Her charm definitely comes from her HUGe MOUTH which seems to have the ability to distribute her emotions to the audience and other actors. When she smiles, I can feel the inner happiness of her. WHen she cries, I could sympathize her miserable experience. THat is Julia RObers. An actress suits for smile more than tears. Still, both of her smile and tear is shining on the screen. And that's amazing!! Moreover, I rarely have awkward feeling between her and othe acters. She seems to be an easygoing person whom everyone loves. Well, I just notice that I haven't written anything about the movie. Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts as a couple?! OKay, it does sound a liitle bit strange. But! isn't it great for us fans to have two big stars in the same movie. Still, I always think that both of them might regret for playing in this movie, for it doesn't sell very well and you could even say that few people notice this movie. What can I say? Typical situation happens on big stars who expect/ dream/hope/ wonder/ to break through their original stereotyped character, proving that they can do someing else (and something less about money...)
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